"We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker.   It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions."


Ronald Reagan



Every month members of the Long Beach Republican Women Federated are encouraged to volunteer in the community and in politics.


Our club competes against other Federated clubs for rewards and recognition.


In order for LBRWF to compete, we need our members to complete the Volunteer Hours Form which will be available at every meeting.


If you prefer to fill out your form before the meeting, fill out the Volunteer Hours Form by clicking here:

as Excel Spreadsheet or as Executable PDF

You can then fill it out and bring it to the next meeting or email it to longbeachrwf@gmail.com


Your participation is greatly appreciated as it earns Long Beach Republican Women Federated rewards and recognition from the Los Angeles County Republican Women Federated and above.


Buzz Patterson

Sr. Military Aide to President Bill Clinton

Douglas V. Gibbs Constitution Expert

Allison Olson

CFRW Legislative Advocate


Laura Doud

Long Beach City Auditor


John Sullivan

Writer, Producer, Director

Brad Dacus

Founder & President

Pacific Justice Institute

Jim Horn

Retired U.S. Diplomat

Sanctuary Cities

Ruth Weiss

Election Integrity Project

Stacy Mungo

Long Beach City Councilwoman

Bob Hamer

Retired FBI - Special Agent

Virginia Baxter

President/Long Beach City College

Board of Trustees

Marshall McClain

President/LAX Police Officers Assoc.

CA Senator Janet Nguyen

James V. Lacy



Senator Jim Brulte

California Republican Party Chairman

Wesley Turnbow


LB City Council, District #8


David Hadley

Davina Keiser


LBCC Board of Trustees

District #4

Rosi Pederson


LB School Board

District #4

Don Knabe

Los Angeles County Supervisor

Steve Napolitano


LA County Board of Supervisors

District #4

CA Senator Janet Nguyen

Aaron Weissman,  Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Candidate

Andy Whallon, Congressional Candidate District #47

Ann-Marie Murrell & Brittany Morgan

The Politichicks

Larry Greenfield

"Why are Jews still Liberal"

Michael Ramirez

2 time Pulitzer Prize Winner

Editorial Cartoonis

Dr. John C. Eastman

Constitutional Law Scholar

Brian Calle

Southern California News Group

Tim Conway, Jr

Talk Radio Host



Janet Nguyen

Paul Carter

LB Lincoln Club Chairman

Brian Calle

Opinion Editor Orange County Register


Stacy Mungo

Laura Doud

Long Beach

City Auditor

Steve Kuykendall

CEO, Long Beach Fisher House


Star Parker

American syndicated columnist,

author, and conservative political activist


John Goya

Republican Party

of LA County


Dr. Craig Smith

"Confessions of a Presidential Speechwriter"

Christopher Bausch


Red Team Intelligence

Nat Serslev

District Coordinator

Senator Janet Nguyen

Mike Gin

LA County Supervisor



Steve Napolitano

LA County Supervisor



Shawn Steel

Republican National Committeeman for California


Trevor Laky

Regional Coordinator

Heritage Action for America

CFRW President

Roseann Slonsky - Breault


Dr. Virginia Baxter

Long Beach City College Trustee



Mimi Walters

CFRW So. Division President

Christine Flynn

U.S. Senate candidate and former CA GOP Chairman

Tom Del Becarro

We Need YOU to make a difference!


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